Open World RPG Toolkit v5.0

Open World RPG Toolkit

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Open World RPG Toolkit – Diverse interaction with the world!


- World map

World parts discovering

Areas (With tasks, discovery and rewards)

Tasks (Actors with tasks and task points)


Teleportation points

- Compass (Replicated)

- Quest system (Replicated)

Take quest from Character and complete it


Minimap detects point of interest and shows you the direction

-Interaction (Replicated)

3 ways of interaction

Hold key

Press key

Unlock locker (minigame)

3 interactable actors widgets (Detected, Interacting, Checked)

-Eagle (Replicated)

Spawn eagle and control it

Detect and check interact actors (setting)

-Menu (Replicated)

Game start


Textures Quality


Game widgets on/off


-Inventory (Replicated)

Items you get from rewards and chests


Items information on hovered

- Money and experience systems (Replicated)

- Main GUI (Replicated)

Delete and add all widgets features from one widget

-Footsteps (Replicated)

Different footstep sounds based on physics materials

-Locked actor (Replicated)

You can interact with locked objects and try to unlock them with lockpick

-Time manager (Replicated)

Calculates game's day month year

Day/night cycle with dynamic light system

-Save System

-Tool that helps you get your map screenshot with proper size

- Map with features examples

- Developer support

Asset version: 5.0
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