VisAI - Companion - Modern AI Framework v4.2x, 5.0

VisAI - Companion - Modern AI Framework

Download Unreal Engine Asset: VisAI - Companion - Modern AI Framework. Modern AI Framework with Abstracted, Streamlined, and Modular code. Highly Optimizable, Customizable, and Multiplayer Supported.

VisAI – Companion is designed for RPG, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzler and any other games that could use a little companionship! It includes everything you'll need for a highly intelligent, feature filled, and versatile Companion AI.


Integrates with virtually any plugin/project
Built for Everyone
Incredibly Optimized, Ready for Hundreds of AI
Various Detailed Examples
Live Debugging Tools
Long-Term Support
Configure many options through Settings
Automatically generate AI files on the fly
Automatic “Framework Fork” Generation
More Advanced Editor Utility Tools in the works
Give your AI Relationships with those around them
Tools for Visual, Auditory, and Touch Perception
Easily Adjustable, Full Featured Health & Damage System
High Quality, Abstract & Adaptable Memory System
Versatile Multi-Actor Targeting System
Room & Highlight based Pathfinding System
Dynamic AI Decision Making
Comprehensive AI Designs
Complex Behaviours with Minimal Overhead
Modular, Ready-to-go Actions for quick AI setup
Detailed Comments & Descriptions
Much more….


Highly Intelligent Companion AI (Integrated with all features below. Behaviour is Influenced by relationships of the actors around them, current command status, and aggression level. Everything you need for a companion. )
Enemy AI (Basic Attack w/ simple animations)
Modular, Customizable, Extendable Command System
Multiplayer Command Authority (Easily define rules for who can command the AI)
10+ Commands Existing Commands
Straightforward Command Creation Process
Command Hot-keys (Easily define hot-keys by calling a single function from attached actor component)
Command Interaction UI (Full interaction UI with “conversation like” approach. Players who can command the AI will see a full list of commands. Players who cannot command the AI will see a busy message)
Modular, Customizable, Extendable Interaction System
Interaction UI | Crosshair (Changes color when hovered over an interactable to give players an indication of what they can interact with)
Interaction UI | Details (Displays item details of any interactables with the details component attached to it. Smoothly transitions the information in/out with widget animations.)
Highly Interactive Door Template (Toggle functionality, auto close, lock, & much more.)
Push button (Mouse based interactivity, easily integrates with door using object references)
Overlap Button (Collision based Interactivity, uses material instances to dynamically change color when stood on, easily integrates with door using object references)
Complete base class setup for quick creation of replicated interactables.
Companion AI changes behaviour based on the relationship of the actors around it. You can define relationships in any way you see fit, even creating dynamically changing relationships.
Aggression Level also changes how the AI works. If they are aggressive, they will ignore commands until all known enemies are dealt with. If neutral, they won’t attack unless attacked, and are fully cooperative with commands. Friendly? They won’t attack even if attacked.
Companion automatically ignores attacks by friendlies. You can easily change this or even modify it to keep someone friendly until they put the AI into the “danger zone” of health. It’s completely up to you!
Fully Detailed example map with an overview of features as well as lots of notes to help you get started

Asset version: 4.2x, 5.0
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