LED Pixel Bar and Animation Preset v4.27, 5.0

LED Pixel Bar and Animation Preset

Download Unreal Engine Asset – LED Pixel Bar and Animation Preset.

This asset is a simulation of LED Pixel Bar for Live stage or Club, and so on.

Control with external DMX and internal DMX.

Internal DMX use DMX Pixel Mapping that pick color from animated material.


-Type: 4(All / Checker / Gradation1 / Gradation1)

-Color: 51(Color / 3 Band Color/ Flash / HueSFhit)

-FX: 10(Random / Strobe)

-Gradation Pattern: 37(Motion / Divide / Speed)

-Checker Pattern: 11(Dvide / Speed)

Asset version: 4.27, 5.0
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