LowPoly Wild Animals v4.26-4.27

LowPoly Wild Animals

Download Unreal Engine Asset – LowPoly Wild Animals pack with 7 species of animals with babies. Each animal has 40+ animations.

The animal models has 1400 - 4000 tris. Texture maps - only albedo map 1024x1024.

This pack includes:

BEARS (15 version of adult bear, 12 version of bear cub; 57 IP/RM anim)
BOARS (10 ver of adult boar and 6 ver of boar cub; 41 IP/RM anim)
DEERS (13 ver of stag, doe and calf; 42 IP/RM anim)
FANTASY DEERS (15 ver of stag; 42 IP/RM anim)
FOXES (10 ver of adult fox and fox cub; 49 IP/RM anim)
HARES (10 ver of adult hare and 10 ver of hare cub; 43 IP/RM anim)
MOOSES (10 ver of bull, cow and calf; 42 IP/RM anim)
WOLVES (11 ver of adult wolf, 11 ver of wolf cub; 51 IP/RM anim)

Asset version: 4.26-4.27
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