Scifi military/police/engineer/terrorist v4.24+

Scifi military/police/engineer/terrorist

Scifi military/police/engineer/terrorist – download Unreal Engine asset.

Pack includes high quality character models, unique combined and generic modular.models. Designed as 3 classes - military, police, engineer/medic, plus one more random design, and flexible customizable system to create design variations.


- 4 unique design characters rigged to epic skeleton with customizable colors (parts are combined)

- 4 modular characters created from character assets rigged to epic skeleton with customizable colors (all parts are separated)

PLUS! 4 modular characters created to show how you can create you own design, using blueprint construction script (check video)

- MF_tint_color - shader for changing color (you can use for other projects).

- 43 material instances

- 64 unique materials

Asset version: 4.24+
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