Character Editor v4.2x

Character Editor

Download Unreal Engine Asset – he Character Editor is a ready-to-use character customization system – fitting the technical base of all our products.

Added additional anatomy support for Metahumans - basecostumes have been converted to Metahuman tal nrw.

Editor logic is not compatible with Metahuman BP base structure like weight, UI Sliders for Eye variation etc - we are looking into streamline our Ue4 Mannequin with a full release of Ue5. Baseproduct is Ue4 Epic skeleton structure.

Keep in mind the core of this product is developed with the UE4 Mannequin base in mind.


Faces come with ~80 Morphtargets - FACS-based morphs ready for facial animations with ARKit
Data Assets are used to combine unique characters from different types. Data Assets are split into various child classes like apparel (hats, upperbody, lowerbody etc.) and hairstyles (hair and beards) as well as prepared placeholder attachment and equipment classes
Clothing: ~ 27 per gender + 20 for childs.
Hairstyles: 7x male, 5x female, 5x child
Multiple skeletons are supported Childs are included as well
Anatomy Profiles support you to add more RPG-like characters like dwarfes, elves, orcs
Basic Wrinklemaps WIP for more believable facial expressions
Different skin basetextures + skintint as well
Randomize, SaveGame system to save and load customization profiles
Thumbnail Studio to help you creating in-game Data Asset thumbnails
Light Studio to give you custom light setup inside the in-game editor
Morphologies like muscularity, obesity, aging and dynamic size ~160cm to ~185cm
116 Page documentation

Asset version: 4.2x
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      It would be awesome if we could get v6 of this.