Viking Real-Time Hairstyle v4.2x

Viking Real-Time Hairstyle

ArtStation UE Asset - Viking Real-Time Hairstyle.

Real-Time Hairstyle which is optimised for games

Contains only 37.690 Tris (with Rings) and uses 4k textures

The pack includes:
- Viking Hairstyle Mesh fbx;
- Demo Head Mesh fbx;
- Viking Hairstyle 4k Textures: Albedo, AO, Flow, Height, ID, Normal, opacity (3 variations), Roots;
- UE4 Project (4.25 version) with demo scene and different materials presets;
- Viking Hair divided into layers fbx.

You can use it either for your self-education in real-time hair production or for personal and commercial projects and games with some twicks for your character.

Asset version: 4.2x
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