Fish for Fish School System v4.15-4.27, 5.0

Fish for Fish School System

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Fish for Fish School System.

The "Fish for Fish School System" Package is a downloadable content asset which supports the Fish School System V2 and Fish School System. These fish can also be used without these packages as standalone Skeletal Meshes.

It includes 9 Fish Meshes, two of which have multiple textures for differing species, bringing the total amount of fish to 12. All fish include a minimum of 3 LOD levels, ranging from 1800 to less than 50 triangles. The average LOD0 triangle count is around 1000 triangles.

Fish species include:

· Marlin

· Archerfish

· Cobia

· Barracuda

· Batfish

· Gold Spotted & Black Spotted Sweetlips

· YellowFin Tuna

· Emperor Angelfish

· Butterfly Fish (Black & Yellow)

Asset version: 4.15-4.27, 5.0
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