Sekhmet v4.26-4.27, 5.0


Download Unreal Engine Asset – Sekhmet character

Low poly, game ready, rigged(Epic Skeleton), modular, PBR textures, MatID, defferent color options, ARKit\Apple Blendshapes(Morph Targets). Include body mesh without cloth.


Model has 2 body shapes - without clothes \ with clothes (all are rigged and with blendshapes)

faces - 16415, tris - 32147, verts - 18348

Rigged with Epic Skeleton\Humanoid rig. Eyes and breast are rigged too. Easy animations retarget!

Has Morph Targets, Blendshapes, Apple\ARKit Face Blendshapes(can be used for face mocap (live stream))

4K Textures - normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, opacity, color id, emissive(PBR Textures Metal/Roughness). Has many hair\eyes\cloth colors. MatID is included.

6 Texture sets - Body, Face, Cloth, Eyes, Cornea, Hair

Model has different texture colors.

Asset version: 4.26-4.27, 5.0
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