Pirate Girl v4.22-4.27, 5.0

Pirate Girl

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Cute Pirate Girl for your game! Modular. Color change. Rigged with Epic skeleton. Apple blendshapes, compatible with Live Link Face.

Rigged with Epic skeleton with extra bones.

Extra bones included for hair and cloth. (hair_r1, hair_r2, hair_r3, hair_r4 / hat_bandage_l1, hat_bandage_l2, hat_bandage_l3 / belt_bandage, belt_bandage1, belt_bandage2)

Animations retarget in Unreal Engine.

Physics is enabled: for hair and cloth.

Facial expressions are included (Apple blendshapes, compatible with Live Link Face).

Separated modular character parts.

Nude body also added.

You can recolor parts of the character.

Asset version: 4.22-4.27, 5.0
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