ROG Modular Medieval Armor and Cloth v4.2x, 5.0

ROG Modular Medieval Armor and Cloth

Download Unreal Engine Asset – ROG Modular Medieval Armor and Cloth. 112 items of modular armor & cloth (slots: head, chest, legs, feet) for low fantasy magical medieval.

"ROG Modular Medieval Armor & Cloth" is the first & main part of the full modular armor set we have prepared for our project in development - Reign of Guilds. This is our view of the dark magical Middle Ages in a realistic style.

Features (Armor Pack):

112 armor items (23x helm, 29x chest, 27x pants, 21x boots, 1x bracer, cloak, gloves, shoulders for demo);
812 Skeletal Meshes, 621 Static meshes;
84 Material Instances, 3 Master Materials, 1 Material Function;
~240 PBR textures (2048/4096): Albedo, Normal, ORM;
Vertex counts of Skeletal Meshes: Helms (900-2600), Chests/Shirts (1700-7600), pants (900-3400), Boots (1200-4000);
Number of LODs for all Skeletal & Static Meshes: 4;
Cloth simulation: chests & cloaks;

Asset version: 4.2x, 5.0
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