General Movement Component v1.4.2 (5.0)

General Movement Component

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Save hundreds of hours of work with this innovative locomotion framework which completely replaces Unreal's built-in character movement with a much more comprehensive and easier-to-use alternative - no C++ required.


200+ Blueprint functions, events & properties covering a wide variety of functionality
Extendable high-quality movement suitable for any type of humanoid and animal/creature character, supports all collision shapes
Grounded, airborne and fluid movement with support for 12 additional replicated movement modes out of the box
No hard-coded C++ references, everything directly editable in Blueprint providing maximum flexibility and iteration speed
State-of-the-art replication system with timestamp verification, prediction, replay and lag compensation, automatically integrates custom movement logic
Easy-to-use binding functions enabling net role specific replication of added data members with just a few clicks
Advanced pawn smoothing with configurable delay, built-in linear and cubic interpolation, extrapolation and support for user-defined interpolation functions
Lots of configurable network settings, can be fine-tuned manually or quickly set up with presets targeting specific network conditions (LAN, Competitive, Regular, Low-end)
Full support for both listen and dedicated servers
Advanced logging with detailed messages specific to each actor and its net role, greatly helps with tracking down errors and bugs
Documentation for every function, event and property both in C++ and Blueprint
Clean and readable plugin code containing many explanatory comments
Steam integration with a UI backend for hosting and joining LAN and online sessions

Asset version: 1.4.2 (5.0)
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