Quest Editor Plugin v5.0

Quest Editor Plugin

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Quest Editor Plugin.

A plugin to manage and create quests and dialogs for NPCs, with very dynamic and customizable features.


Quest and dialogs system.
Simultaneous quests.
Complete, fail and abandon quests.
Multiple starts and ends for quests or dialogs.
Multiple NPCs per quest supported.
Supports non-linear quests and dialogs, with multiple paths.
Can have timers inside quests. (Timer task.)
Conditional tasks and branching.
Customizable tasks objects. Create any task you need for your game.
Premade tasks. System tasks and conditions. Reach location. Timers and delays.
Rewards system.
Heavily exposed to blueprints.
System savegame for player progress.
Quest editor widget, for creating and managing quests, dialogs and npcs.
Highly customizable to adapt to your own tasks and workflow.
In-editor and real time debugging and visualization.
Supports localization.
Includes examples of Quests, Dialogs, Blueprints, Datatables, Game UI and Tasks, for easier setup and understanding of the system.
And more...

Asset version: 5.0
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