Runtime Vertex Painter v5.1.0 preview 1

Runtime Vertex Painter

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Runtime Vertex Painter. Function library that helps you paint Static/SkeletalMeshComponent vertex color in runtime.

Vertex color is color information attached to each vertex of mesh,it can be used to blend material layers to make some wonderful effects.

This plugin is designed for painting vertex color in runtime.

Both StaticMeshComponent and SkeletalMeshComponent can be painted

16 Blueprint nodes included,8 for static mesh and 8 for skeletal mesh


Paint vertex color in runtime
Paint in single LOD or all LODs
You can select paint channel R/G/B/A/RGBA
Paint in a box range or sphere range
Falloff curve
Paint Opacity
This plugin does not modify the mesh's vertex color in a way that may be exported,but you can save vertices color in save game.

Asset version: 5.1.0 preview 1
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