Insta Deform Component v1.2 (5.0/5.1.0 p1)

Insta Deform Component

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Insta Deform Component. Instantly adds visual deformation capabilities to your vehicles and more!

• Ultra Fast Setup

It takes only seconds to add Insta Deform Component to your project! For a simple setup just add Insta Deform Component to your actor and set "Generate Hit Events" for your component and physics asset "true".

• Cost Efficient

Creating Morph-Target damages for every single vehicle in your game would cost your team countless work weeks. Insta Deform Component is unequivocally cheaper than the labor cost.

• Fully Replicated

Deformations replicate for all clients. You can use Insta Deform Component for your multiplayer games!

• Skeletal Mesh Support

It supports skeletal meshes! You can use Insta Deform Component for any skeletal mesh in your game. Vehicle, Character, Prop, or anything else!

• Static Mesh Support (Experimental!)

Currently, Static Mesh support is experimental and only works with editor data. It is recommended to use Skeletal Mesh Vehicles for Shipping Builds. It is planned to add Shipping Build support for Static Meshes in a future update.


Collision Shape Deformations that you may see in some of my videos are under development for UE5 and are planned to be sold separately as an Add-On to this plugin. Collision Deformations and other items on the Road Map while actively being under development are “planned” not “promised”. Keep in mind that like any other product on the marketplace you are purchasing this plugin as-is.

As of v1.0 DirectX is recommended for better stability. While it currently works with Vulkan, it is experimental. Stable Vulkan support in a future update.

We have a very welcoming and supportive Discord community. Keep in mind that purchase doesn’t give you immunity from moderatory actions. Spam, harassment, illegal content, or any other action that is against the rules will result in a strike or a ban from the server.


Adds Visual Deformations
Ultra Fast Setup
Cost Efficient
Skeletal Mesh Support
Static Mesh Support (Experimental!)

Asset version: 1.2 (5.0/5.1.0 p1)
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