Able Ability System v3.71 (4.27)

Able Ability System

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Able Ability System. A high performance, multi-threaded, data driven Ability system with network support, written from the ground up for Unreal Engine 4.

Able is an engine plugin, written in C++, for Unreal Engine 4. In Able, Abilities are created from various actions called Tasks. Tasks are then assembled together in the Ability Editor. The Ability Editor is an intuitive, easy-to-use editor that lets anyone quickly setup an Ability and preview it at any point in time, adjusting Tasks as needed and even allowing frame by frame stepping of an Ability.

Able is multi-threaded and platform agnostic, allowing for creators to focus on content creation and not platform support or performance. Able also supports UE4’s built-in profiler for anyone who wishes to fine-tune their performance and offers tools for content creators to estimate their cost – as well as unit tests to help catch data errors early.

Technical Details

• Written entirely in C++.

• Multicore/Async support for Ability execution, Cooldowns, and various Task specific activities (e.g. Damage Calculation).

• Network supported using a secure client-server model with minimal data sent across the wire.

• Abilities are purely functional, using only small scratchpad structures, keeping memory usage lean/efficient.

• 20+ various Tasks to build your Ability with (Play Animation, Play Sound, Collision Query, Spawn Actor, Apply Damage, etc).

• 16+ Events/Methods available to Blueprints to allow further logic customization.

• Full AI Support (New AI Tasks / Decorators).

• Full Animation support (New State Node).

• Custom Editor - Ability Editor.

• Built-in Testing framework.

• Intended for all Platforms (Tested PC, XB1, PS4, PS5).

• Extendable API.

• Fully documented.

Asset version: 3.71 (4.27)
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