Blueprint Assist v3.2.16 (4.27, 5.0)

Blueprint Assist

Blueprint Assist – download Unreal Engine asset

Adds useful keyboard shortcuts related to Blueprint creation. Auto-format Blueprint nodes as you create them.

Node formatting: When a user places a node on the graph, the node formatting algorithm is run. So as

you code your Blueprint, your nodes are automatically positioned so they are readable. Examples of the

formatting in action can be seen here

Numerous keyboard shortcuts: The plugin adds shortcuts for all node creation and modification

functionality which were previously only accessible through the mouse. No more right-clicking

every time you want to create a node!

Additional quality of life features and improvements: A number of new features and functionality

are included in the plugin.

Technical Details


Settings for the plugin can be found under Editor Preferences | Plugins | Blueprint Assist
Keyboard shortcuts can be rebound under Editor Preferences | General | Keyboard Shortcuts | Blueprint Assist Commands
If you are having any issues, please read this page on known issues their workarounds
If you have encountered any bugs or crashes please report them on the issues page in the wiki. Screenshots of the related Blueprint are very helpful!
I highly suggest you also download the free AutoSizeComments plugin. The BlueprintAssist plugin does not handle comment nodes. When you format nodes, the comments will not be updated. AutoSizeComments fixes this issues and also comes with a number of other useful functionality such as color presets.
PSA (in v2.0.0): When using BlueprintAssist with the AutoSizeComments plugin, make sure to enable Ignore Knot Nodes in the AutoSizeComments plugin.

Asset version: 3.2.16 (4.27, 5.0)
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    1. Can You Update it to support Unreal Engine 4.25? PLZ