Dragon.IK - Universal IK System v2.3.7 (UE5.0, 4.27-4.25) / v2.3.6 (UE5.0) / v2.3.5 (UE4.27-4.25)

Dragon.IK - Universal IK System

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Dragon.IK – Universal IK System: An All-in-One plugin tool for easily creating IK for animals and humans!

The aim of this plugin is to save time and energy for giving a realistic and smooth IK solution for various types of animals using only simple animation Blueprints.

The plugin aims to provide IK to different types of animals such as

Quadrupeds : Wolves , horses etc
Bipeds : T-Rex , birds , humans etc
Spiders : Multi-legged creatures such as spiders and scorpions etc
Snakes : Snakes & Worms etc
A universal aim/look-at solver that works on any kind of creature or character!

Provides foot and spine IK for animals of quadruped,biped,spider and snake types.
An advanced universal fullbody aiming/look at solver that modifies any character to aim towards a target.
Three animation Blueprints are provided : "Dragon Spine Solver","Dragon Foot Solver" and "Dragon Aim Look Solver"

Code Modules:
DragonIKPlugin [Runtime]
DragonIKPluginEditor [UncookedOnly]

Asset version: 2.3.7 (UE5.0, 4.27-4.25) / v2.3.6 (UE5.0) / v2.3.5 (UE4.27-4.25)
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    1. Is there by any chance you can update this wonderful plugin? Thanks!
      • FAb
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      Thank you for this it's really owsome