Vertex Anim Toolset v4.25-4.27

Vertex Anim Toolset

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Vertex Anim Toolset: Plugin for baking skeletal mesh animation into textures

10.000 Animated Mannequins:

2.500 Agents with different animation states:

This Plugin enables the user to bake a skeletal mesh's animation (both bone and morph target) into a texture to later be used inside the material shader to animate static mesh components much more efficiently than with regular skeletal meshes.

Video showing full process:

Video showing full process (Pre-4.24 versions):
Technical Details


Bake multiple skeletal mesh animations into the same texture.
Create Static Mesh asset from a Skeletal Mesh, with additional special UV set for accessing animation data from the same texture from every LOD of the mesh.

Code Modules:

VertexAnimToolset - Developer.
VertexAnimToolsetEditor - Editor.

Number of C++ Classes: 8

Supported Development Platforms: Win-32, Win-64, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win-32, Win-64, Mac, Linux, PS4, XBoxOne, IOS, Android.

Asset version: 4.25-4.27
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