Logic Driver Pro - Blueprint Editor v2.6.3 (5.0)

Logic Driver Pro - Blueprint Editor

Logic Driver Pro – Blueprint Editor – download Unreal Engine asset

reate custom node types that run actions and build your own gameplay systems: dialogue trees, quests, achievements, combos, AI behavior, UI navigation, and more in a visual graph-based, parallel finite state machine blueprint editor.

Logic Driver is a Blueprint Editor for designing Finite State Machines that execute Blueprint nodes. It can be used for any type of game to organize and execute gameplay logic, AI behavior, UI states, and more.

Version 2 (UE 4.24+) Lets you design unique systems for your game such as Dialogue Systems. This is done by creating your own node type either in blueprints or C++, encapsulating reusable logic, and exposing any variable type directly on the node. Each variable is given their own BP graph along with drag and drop support.

Logic Driver Pro can be used from prototyping to production and is in use by studios of all sizes.

Technical Details

Pro Features:

Create your own node in blueprints or C++.
Expose variables on nodes, complete with drag & drop support.
Combine custom states and execute multiple actions.
Text parsing allows variables to be dropped directly on to text.
Parallel states increase the possibilities and reduce the total number of required states.

Core Features:

New blueprint editor designed to simplify state machine creation.
Hierarchical state machines are supported directly or by reference.
Evaluate transitions conditionally or from events.
Manage as UObjects or ActorComponents for increased flexibility.
Supports run-time visual debugging with the blueprint editor to make testing easy.
C++ source code included.

Network Replicated: ActorComponents have replication support

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile

Asset version: 2.6.3 (5.0)
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    1. Could you post the link for this asset please?
      1. Done - try now
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      Any chance of getting this updated? 2.4.6 is quite a few updates behind! 2.6.3 is the latest. Thank you!
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      Can you please kindly update this to 2.6.3? Thank you so much.