Arc Inventory v1.4.2.174 (4.27, 5.0)

Arc Inventory

Arc Inventory – download Unreal Engine asset

GAS-Based inventory system with Item Creation, Slot Configuration, and procedurally generated items

Arc Inventory is a Gameplay Ability System based inventory solution that allows for the creation of ability-powered items and inventory management, and can slot seamlessly into your GAS-based game. Arc Inventory is built from the ground up for multiplayer, and supports everything from passive items, active items, stacking items, and more. Using Arc Inventory, you can create shooter gameplay, RPG gameplay, and even procedurally generate items or create an attachment system.

Arc Inventory is used in multiple games, and powers very different gameplay systems with this easy to use, designer focused system.

Arc Inventory now supports Unreal Engine 5!


Inventory Components that support Bags, Equipment, and Active items.
Fully integrated with Epic’s Gameplay Ability System
Supports Multiplayer
Supports any game play mechanics GAS can do
Easy to set up
Requires minimal code
Full Blueprint Integration

Asset version: (4.27, 5.0)
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