Android Native Goodies v1.8.2 (5.0)

Android Native Goodies

Android Native Goodies – download Unreal Engine asset

Access native Android features with ease! Android Goodies provide a simple way to interact with Android native functionality.

Native UI
⚡️Show native dialogs, date/time pickers, toasts
⚡️Show spinner/progress bar
⚡️Create push notifications

? Opening Other Apps
⚡️Native text/image sharing
⚡️Open social networks profile, youtube video, map or any other app
⚡️Set timers/alarms
⚡️Pick images from gallery capture photos
⚡️Take screenshot
⚡️Get list of phone contacts, search/create contact

?Getting device info
⚡️Get info from device
⚡️Check supported device features
⚡️Check if certain app is installed

⚡️Toggle flashlight
⚡️Create vibrations
⚡️Get battery info
⚡️Dial phone number

Asset version: 1.8.2 (5.0)
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