Shader World : procedural landscape, ocean, foliage v1.9.55 (5.0)

Shader World : procedural landscape, ocean, foliage

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Shader World : procedural landscape, ocean, foliage.

Shader World is currently the only GPU accelerated tool for procedural world generation available on the Unreal Engine marketplace.

The world is generated on GPU, the foliage (any spawnable) is generated on GPU. It means that you don't need a great CPU at all, and any entry level GPU would be enough (works on smartphone).

Shader World plugin is the most performant procedural landscape generator available on Unreal Engine Marketplace.

It allows the creation of infinite oceans and landscapes with fast iteration and instant feedback.

From world creation to the spawning of instanced mesh or actors, the toolset is entirely computed at runtime on GPU for unmatched performance, and high quality artist driven output.

Asset version: 1.9.55 (5.0)
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    1. Update to version1.7?