VaultIt! Multiplayer Vaulting System v4.27

VaultIt! Multiplayer Vaulting System

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Multiplayer ready Vaulting System with motion warping & full-body IK & net prediction of the highest caliber.


Based on Gameplay Abilities System (GAS), but you don't need to know it at all to use or integrate VaultIt
Multiplayer ready with prediction
Doesn't desync even at extreme latency (800ms+) unless it should (packet loss, hacking, unpredictable collision, etc)
Handles desync corrections properly (even in extreme environments, inputs result in vaulting properly)
Proper net serialization (compression) and bandwidth consumption optimization
Designed to work with mixed or minimal mode ASC instead of full and handles simulated replication manually for optimization
Procedural vault height (not hard-coded to animation vault height)
Driven by root motion animations
Motion Warping (works in UE4 & Improved)
Full-Body IK for correct hand placement (works in UE4)
does not require any IK bones
Supports non-UE4 skeletons with different bone orientations
Fully modular setup supports Characters, AI, and maybe Pawns (read Wiki)
Includes First Person example (basic setup with FP/TP switching)
Auto-Vault for players and AI with per-movement mode bitflags
Multiple pre-defined vault heights and animations with support for any type of movement state
Multiple animations for each state with net sync randomization
Built with extension and integration in mind

Asset version: 4.27
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