Pixel 2D - 2D Platformer Engine for Unreal v4.26

Pixel 2D - 2D Platformer Engine for Unreal

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Pixel 2D is a plugin for Unreal Engine that aims to pick-up where Paper2D left off. It's intended as an evolution of Paper2D and contains everything you need to create amazing 2D games. No C++ knowledge is required, everything is accessible through blueprints.

Each blueprint is clean and commented and all important variables are exposed,making it extremely easy to follow and customize.
The plugin already contains features including animated and destroyable tiles, flipbook animation blueprints and notifies, numerous examples of enemy AI behavior, a dynamic combat system using raytraces and physics projectiles, inventory systems and more.
There is a long public roadmap of features that will be added to the plugin in the following months and years.


Animation Blueprint implementation for Flipbooks.
State machine implementation for Flipbooks inside Animation Blueprints.
Added Animation Notify support for Flipbooks.
Added Destroyable Tile support to TileMaps.
Added Animated Tile support to TileMaps.
Added 2D PawnSensing Component.
One way platform collision solution.
Component-based workflow.
Almost all the functionality is stored in components.
Added custom 2D AI system.
Complete AnimBP-driven character animation.
Dynamic Combat System.
Physics-based Grenades.
RPG Systems
Inventory System
Inventory Bar and Hotkey bar.
Loot system included.
XP system
Spline-base Platform movement.
Multiple platform types
Waypoint based elevators.
Accelerator platforms.
One-way and two-way portals.
Efficient physics objects.

Code Modules:

Pixel2D - Runtime
Pixel2DEditor - UncookedOnly
Pixel2DEditorPawnSensing - Editor
Pixel2DEditorTileReplacer - Editor

Asset version: 4.26
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