Assembly: Modular Character Creator v4.26

Assembly: Modular Character Creator

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Assembly: Modular Character Creator.

Assembly is a code plugin focused on creating in-game modular characters in a quick and straightforward method with a high degree of flexibility. Utilizing character components, it allows for modular skeletal mesh generation, head tracking, and adding custom character speed and animation states.


Body Type: The basic storage asset for modular character meshes.
MeshLibrary: A library of skeletal Meshes for a body segment.
MeshElement: A single skeletal mesh element.
TextureLibrary: A Collection of textures that can be applied to a material via Modifiers.
Preset: A preset appearance for a character that can be reused among multiple characters.
Modular Character Generator: Used for generating a skeletal character mesh from modular pieces.
Actor Tracking: Used for tracking the direction between two vectors. Used for Head Tracking.
Character Speed States: Used for creating custom character movement and speed states.

Code Modules:

AssemblyCharacterCreator (Runtime)
AssemblyEditor (Editor)

Asset version: 4.26
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