Kai Locomotion System v4.27 / (5.0)

Kai Locomotion System

Kai Locomotion System – download Unreal Engine asset.

Animation Blueprint To Use With Different Animation packs (Distance , Rotation Matching)

A Plug And Play Animation Blueprint That Supports 3 Gaits and different types of transitions.

4 Directional Loops, 4 Directional Starts , 4 Directional Stops are the required minimum transitions.

A Suite of function written in c++ in a function library that are helpful in building any animation system:

Functions to record important animations data (useful in any Animation Blueprint)
Functions to advance animation time in different ways (distance to and from target, play rate, remapping)

*Requires Control Rig Plugin To Be Activated
Technical Details


Plug and Play Animation Blueprint
Blueprint Library written in c++
Foot Lock Transition Control Rig (Beta)
Animation Modifiers to extract, create, copy and edit animation curves

Code Modules:

Kai_Locomotion [Runtime]

Asset version: 4.27 / (5.0)
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