Skinned Decal Component vV2 (5.0)

Skinned Decal Component

Skinned Decal Component – download Unreal Engine asset.

Skinned Decal Component allows you to project decals on skeletal meshes that follow Bone Deformations & Morph Targets in a fast and easy way!

As you know while Unreal Engine deferred decals floating over Skeletal Meshes, Render Target Texture solutions introduce more problems than they solve. Skinned Decal Component is a no-compromise solution with a unique approach!!!

UV Independent!
Individual Sampling
Fade over time effects
Modular Mesh Support

Code Modules:

SkinnedDecalComponent (Runtime)

Asset version: V2 (5.0)
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      • peter
      • : 19:24
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      is this with the new v1.7 update ?
      1. Hi
        Done - download version 1.7