iOS Native Goodies v4.25-4.27

iOS Native Goodies

iOS Native Goodies – download Unreal Engine asset.

Access native iOS features with ease! iOS Goodies provide a simple way to interact with iOS native functionality. All the API is exposed in Blueprints. If you are in doubt about anything please contact us on our Discord server.


Native UI

Various dialogs, alert dialogs, input dialog, actions sheets, native loader
Date and time pickers, countdown timer picker
Native app rating dialog

App interaction

Native sharing text/image/link
Send SMS and email both via apps or embedded in app using MessageUI.framework
Open phone dialer or make FaceTime call
Open application settings, app store page, YouTube video, Apple maps
Pick images from gallery
Take screenshot
Get list of contacts from phonebook, search/create contact

App device

Getting various device info like battery level or proximity sensor state


Toggling flashlight and its intensity
Haptic feedback/vibrations
Capture photos with device camera

Asset version: 4.25-4.27
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