Sparse Grid Plugin v2.2.1 (4.25-4.27)

Sparse Grid Plugin

Sparse Grid Plugin – download Unreal Engine asset.

A high-performance spatial sorting system. Allows for ultra-fast queries for objects without any reliance on the engines collision system.

The plugin quickly and seamlessly integrates into any C++ or BP project. Use the editor tool to define the play-area of your level (or update it on-the-fly), and add the Sparse Grid Component to any object you wish to register with the system. It's as easy as that!

You can then use the built-in search queries (or create your own), to query those objects very quickly. The system is fully exposed to blueprint, so no C++ knowledge is required to implement.

Common Use-Cases Include:

AI bot searching for an enemy.
Swarms of homing projectiles searching for targets individually.
A radar pinging local objects.
Applying damage to a wide range of objects.
Testing against players for local-area VOIP.
And so on...

Greatly Benefits the following:

Games with large/open worlds.
Games with high density/number of actors (RTS, Battle Royale etc.)
Games with complex or large numbers of AI.

Asset version: 2.2.1 (4.25-4.27)
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