Simple Instanced Spline Mesh v4.26-4.27, 5.0

Simple Instanced Spline Mesh

Download Unreal Engine Assrt - Simple Instanced Spline Mesh - Spline-based instanced mesh creation with ground alignment and randomization.

The plugin provides a simple, lightweight, and robust tool for building Hierarchical Instanced of Static Meshes using splines.

It was built with level design in mind, to make designers' life easier, and iterations faster.

It offers a variety of tools related to meshes placed using spline.


Multiple meshes - you can set multiple different meshes that will automatically align on the spline. The meshes are aligned using their bounds, not the pivot, which means that if you have a mesh, that has some bad pivot, the tool will still align it in a smart way!
First and Last meshes - you can set up special meshes at the beginning or end of the spline, which allows you to control exactly how your fences or walls begin or end.
Mesh randomizing - with multiple meshes selected, you can make them appear randomly so that your fences, walls, or even towns are extremely simple to randomize to make them look more natural.
Ground alignment - the tool allows aligning meshes to the ground using their bounds, which is much more accurate and good-looking than using pivot casting. Also, the ground alignment can be applied to each mesh individually.
Asynchronous calculations - calculations are by default performed on a separate thread, which allows creating very, very long splines with thousands of meshes without freezing your computer, which improves the level design speed and makes it more comfortable.

Asset version: 4.26-4.27, 5.0
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