Zen Dev v1.13 (5.0)

Zen Dev

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Zen Dev (2022). A suite of Quality of Life dev tools to bring you more Zen. Includes quickly toggling side panels and a Content Drawer for UE4. UE5 supported!

Toggle editor panels (i.e. Details, My Blueprint, World Outliner, etc) quickly with up to 4 different configurable shortcuts
Detailed configuration of which panels toggle when
A UE4 version of UE5's Content Drawer: a temporarily, always accessible Content Browser; bind up to 2 keyboard shortcuts to toggle this from almost anywhere in the editor
Works for multiple types of editors (Blueprints, Animation Blueprints, Widgets, Materials, Level Editor. Need more? Just ask!)
UE5 support - Please read our docs for installation instructions

Asset version: 1.13 (5.0)
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