CSW Auto-save plugin V2 v2.1 (5.0)

CSW Auto-save plugin V2

Unreal Engine Marketplace – CSW Auto-save plugin V2.

Save Actors, Character, Components, AI State, Widget State, etc. Add a custom component to any Actor and save the entire data of it. Save Actors across multiple levels or while using level streaming into a single and compressed file. Highly Customizable plugin! Async save also supported!

This plugin extends the functionality of the Save and Load system from the engine to ensure compatibility. Also, this C++ plugin is exposed to Blueprints. This allows saving and loading hundred of actors in a blink of an eye thanks to the power of C++ while, thanks to the versatility of Blueprints, no programming knowledge is needed in order to use this plugin.

Asset version: 2.1 (5.0)
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