gFur PRO v3.8.4 (4.27)

gFur PRO

Download Unreal Engine Asset – gFur PRO (Latest Update 2022)

gFur PRO supports static meshes, skeletal meshes, animated morph targets and has an advaced shader that allows you to blend between two sets of fur strand thicknesses and fur tiling. Further, there is support for fur clumping, wind effect and the package contains a few more fur patterns and noise textures.


gFur shell generating component and gFur standard and advanced materials
complete in-editor fur generation and grooming
export of groom to UE native hair and fur
Alembic import
static mesh and skeletal mesh support
animated morph target support
custom depth support
LODs with highly optimized toggleable physics
shell bias (pushing the shells to outer regions where slicing is the most visible)
noise for shell vertices along normal to break up the slicing (may be a stylistic choice)
runs on non-dx 11 hw without physics

Asset version: 3.8.4 (4.27)
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