AI Optimizer v4.27-5.0

AI Optimizer

Download Unreal Engine Asset – AI Optimizer.

Plugin that will help you to quickly setup spawners for your Actors and easily optimize them.

Usable for both smaller and larger worlds.

Designed mainly to optimize AI Agents, but can be used with any other Actor.


Includes 2 components for Invoker ( player ) & Subject ( AI ) with configuration settings and System that does all the calculations
Includes customizable ActorsSpawner implemented in Blueprints which allows to quickly setup AI Camps
Customizable optimization layers based on radius to Invoker ( player )
Customizable optimization based on sight cone of Invoker ( player )
Optional automated spawn/despawn of Subjects ( AI )
Optional queued spawn/despawn of Subjects to not cause any hitches
Thousands of AI Agents with stable FPS
Includes Debug Mode
Doesn't require knowledge of C++ to use
All required logic is exposed to Blueprints
Easy to implement in your game
Supports Multiplayer

Asset version: 4.27-5.0
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