MultiTool - Quick batch operations on assets v5.0

MultiTool - Quick batch operations on assets

Download Unreal Engine Asset – MultiTool – Quick batch operations on assets.

MultiTool offers extra asset functionality that allows users to quickly do batch operations to assets or selections.

It has a clean and easy to read UI.

For a full list of features, please read the technical information below.


Different selection methods

Select by parent actor
Select by materials
Select by bounds

Material batch operations

Batch replace parent material
Batch set material instance properties
Batch replace materials
Convert materials to material instances

Advanced batch renaming tool

Filter methods (does not) (contain, start with, end with, equal)
Search / replace strings
Add prefix or suffix
Rename asset name, asset path, or both
Live preview before renaming

Replace References

Replace material references (All material types supported)
Replace materials - Advanced Batch
Replace Duplicates


Convert selected meshes to foliage
Convert all foliage to meshes/foliage actors

Asset version: 5.0
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