Modular Medieval Environment v4.2x

Modular Medieval Environment

Download Unreal Engine Asset – A well-designed 4x4 KM2 Modular Medieval Environment including Castle Complex, Church, Chapel, Barns, Windmill, Watermill and Houses built on a HQ photoscanned landscape with many procedural features.

Medieval Environment Pack provides many necessary features of an overall medieval village including Castle Complex, Church, Chapel, Barns, Windmill, Watermill, Houses and Fields all created with modular meshes. All these meshes forming the village are located on a 16 km2 island with procedural landscape and foliage arrangement. The landscape textures, plants and rocks are photoscanned by us. The coastal cliffs are modelled and sculpted patiently. The environment also includes 5 Elm trees and several bushes.

Unreal Engine's Volumectic Cloud System and Water System are also integrated to the project.

You can either enjoy the features of the premade Demo Maps or you can create the medieval environment in your imagination with 300 meshes the package provides.

150+ Building meshes which are usefull for many building types such as Castles, Churches, Houses, Towers etc.
75+ Props for a vivid Medieval Environment
20+ Premade Buildings in Groups
5 Different Elm Trees with Wind and Billboard Features
2 Different Island Maps with 16 km2 Landscape (one is with the Medieval Environment, the other is the Nature Map)
Landscape Grass Type for the plants
Photoscan Assets ( 7 Rocks and 40 Ground Plants with Wind Feature)
8 Unique Cliff Meshes with easy Material Configuration
Niagara System for Birds and Smoke
Customized Volumetric Cloud System
Landscape slope materials and normal blend
LightFunction material for the cloud effect


Asset version: 4.2x
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    1. How do you open this without a .uproject file? Its missing this file, not like the rest of the projects
    2. Whoever uploaded the project didnt use the migrate tool so this way all references inside the project are broken and it is useless this way! There are other projects that were uploaded the same way, could you fix please?
        • Guest Cloud
        • : 12:17
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        This project was downloaded and opened in version 4.26. Everything works fine there.
      • Sam
      • : 01:27
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      There is an updated version for UE5 which is not updated here! Maybe it would be better if they update it here
    3. 5.1 please?