Countryside: Windmills & Barns v4.18-4.27, 5.0

Countryside: Windmills & Barns

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Countryside: Windmills & Barns. Modular windmills and barns, both new and abandoned. Plus landscape.

A peaceful scene with an extremely modular barn and a windmill which you can reuse. I've included prefabs as well as separate elements, such as boards, pillars, doorframes etc. Most of the models have a couple of interchangeable materials for better variation. Both daytime and nighttime demo levels are included.


Modular wooden barns and windmills
Animated meshes (windmill, tablecloth, rye)
Spline wooden fences with collisions
A tessellated landscape, a custom HDRI, rye, potatoes and a pretty water material as a bonus

Asset version: 4.18-4.27, 5.0
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