Fantasy and Medieval Architecture Kit v4.18-4.27 / 5.0

Fantasy and Medieval Architecture Kit

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Fantasy and Medieval Architecture Kit

The asset kit for Fantasy and Medieval architecture and enviromnent creation. Contains asset neccesery to bring to life fantasy and organic environment. Includes architecture pieces, props, grass, decals, blend materials etc.

New update contains door frames, new modules and abou 10 new static meshes in total

Medieval Fantasy Village Environment. Contains all base pieces to create hi quality levels within the setting, also there is a number of set pieces to dress up the area. Asset like decals, grass, blended materials, props will help bring environment to life. Rock pieces created to support the level and to add more organic feel to it.



Architecture pieces
Blended materials to create variety of the environment
Hi quality PBR textures

Asset version: 4.18-4.27 / 5.0
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