[SCANS] Urban Abandoned District - Day/Night Scene v4.27

[SCANS] Urban Abandoned District - Day/Night Scene

Download Unreal Engine Asset – [SCANS] Urban Abandoned District – Day/Night Scene.

Urban Abandoned District buildings in the middle of the old Town. This time outdoor and indoors. Scene contains high detailed objects like modular elevations, modular garage assets, tile scanned textures, car, pipes, and many more. Most assets were built base on photogrammetry technique and properly optimized and hand tweaked to work in real-time scenes on UE4. Two lighting setup day and night. With our FPP pawn, You can at runtime change lighting scenario, turn flashlight or change view TPP/FTP/TopDown to test Your favourite game type.

Compared to our previous package, we leave a higher tex resolution. We know many of you use our scenes in projects where this is important. If you have a lower memory limit, please contact us. Additionally, we add options to change graphics settings in runtime mode by pressing 5/6/7 (Low/High/Ultra).


Big(3x Abandoned Factory) demo scene with two lighting setup and overview map
With our pawn shortcuts - (1/2 - day/night, 5/6/7 - graphic low/high/ultra, F - flashlight, C - switch TPP/FTP, T - topdown view)
Now interiors possibility
Almost all materials are instances from base materials (Base, Tile, Translucent, Vertex Paint, Masks, Tessellation, Decal)
Footsteps on mud and puddle landscape textures
Car prop with colour variations
3 sets of fences
Tile photogrammetry textures 4k
Pre-buildings sets and big halls (6)
Garage modular set
Sounds (3)
Pipes modular set
Signs (12)
Doors (6)
Graffiti decals (3)
Barrels (2 with variations)
Cable simple blueprint to connect poles with sockets
Simple foliage (5 with variations)
Walls (5 with variations)

Asset version: 4.27
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