Crystal Mines - Scene and Assets v4.26

Crystal Mines - Scene and Assets

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Crystal Mines - Scene and Assets. This scene contains an assortment of gameready low-poly meshes, textures, and materials.

Crystal Mines scene features a selection of assets you can use to create your own fantasy underground world: a variety of rocks and crystals with unique shader and vegetation such as moss and mushrooms, rail tracks to use with splines, mine carts, mining tools, and other!


4 rocks, 4 stones, 8 Crystals with unique shaders, 4 Stalactites, 4 Rock Pillars.
Materials and Textures for cave walls and floor.
Mine Cart, Railway (to use with splines), Mining Tools, Wooden Crates, Barrel, Sack.
6 Mushrooms, 3 Small Leaves, Moss Patches.
Lantern, Torch, Glowing Water Plant.

Asset version: 4.26
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