Unreal Engine – Kitbash3D – Cyberpunk

Unreal Engine – Kitbash3D – Cyberpunk

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Kitbash3D – Cyberpunk.

Bask in the holographic light of a consumerist society or imagine a world where AI controls humanity with this kit’s monolithic towers, gaudy mega corporations, gigantic banks, brutalist buildings, scrappy streetside shops, grungy alleyways, and stark industrial housing. Full of sleek metal exteriors, utilitarian architecture, and shameless futuristic advertising, these sci-fi city models are perfect for any techno dystopia that has lost or abandoned the natural world.
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    1. Please re-upload empty assets
      1. More details pls
        1. assets are empty, at startup all materials and objects have void errors
          1. Try this:

            create a folder with a name "CyberPunk" inside a Content folder of your UE project and then put all the necessary stuff in there (actors, geometries, materials, textures)

            Added additional FBX+OBJ models and textures
            1. thank you very much, it works