Stone Pine Forest v4.27/5.0

Stone Pine Forest

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Stone Pine Forest.Beautiful rural environment, untouched natural and settled versions of main map. Game-ready optimization with seamless LOD transition.

Stone Pine Forest is an environment asset pack that can be used in every stage of a project. You can instantly start to use pre-made maps that we provide for your early stages of your project or you can turn your map into a rural environment with procedural foliage system, Automatic slope variation and texture coordinate system, background meshes to complete the look and create depth without performance lost, easy to control material instances using smart master materials.

There are 4 maps in total (1 showcase/overview map, 2 unique pre-made maps [2x2 square km] that are uninhabited rural scenes and 1 pre-made map populated with roads, signs and a rural village)

Main pre-made map(Mountians and Mountains_LevelDesign) has two versions to use; untouched natural forest environment version and settled version has modern roads, a small village with multi-purpose level design to fit multiple genres (racing games, war games with vehicles or deathmatch/survival)

Second pre-made map(GooseLand) is designed as a maze-like forest with hills and natural pathways to confuse player's sense of scale and sense of direction. Since it is also 2x2 square km in scale but feels small, it feels like a different map from different starting points.

Procedural foliage system has 2 types of trees (Stone Pine and Pecan) 11 tree variations in total.


Main map with 2 versions (uninhabited and populated)
Procedural foliage system
Automatic slope variation and texture coordinate system
No viewable LOD transitions
Background meshes complements to landscape
Easy to control material instances and smart materials
Texture atlas usage for less memory usage

Asset version: 4.27/5.0
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