[SCANS] Construction Site: Loader v5.0

[SCANS] Construction Site: Loader

Download Unreal Engine Asset – [SCANS] Construction Site: Loader

Construction site environment with driving front-end loader. The Loader has moving parts and its wheels deform the landscape. You can move the spoon up and down and eject its contents. You can activate the lamps or the brake with buttons. Loader based on a scanned photorealistic vehicle - parts have changed and have been adapted to our version.

In addition, you have objects to build a destroyed environment.


Rigged, drivable, playable vehicle(based on great default UE4 vehicle template) with movable parts(wheel, spoon, excavator's arm). Works with chaos on UE5
static mesh version of Loader+ vehicle parts
buttons to animating parts
game ready
deformed landscape by wheels
big container
4x tile ground textures
light switching
3 camera views

Asset version: 5.0
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