Space Frontier Stations & Ships v4.27, 5.0

Space Frontier Stations & Ships

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Space Frontier Stations & Ships. Complete pack for creating vast space environments with modular stations and multiple flyable spaceships.

Pack comes with over 60 blueprints that help to speed up the level creation process and keep performance optimized. Space structure systems generate different type stations exteriors and space ports with lots of control for colors and appearances. Spline blueprints help to create routes for spaceships, hoses/cords and asteroid rings etc. Scattering systems that make it easy to generate asteroid fields and breakable meteorites etc..

A library of 120 different space themed assets like space stations, broken space debris and spaceships etc. Pack also includes assets like asteroids and background planets and space.

Planet material contains various layers for atmosphere, clouds, emissive layers, micro/macro maps and even water. Rock material handles all sorts of asteroids and meteorites with lots of parameters to change.

You will also get flyable spaceships that contain functions to handle fuel consumptions, cargo, crew, weapon, scanning etc..


Over 60 different blueprints for faster level creation
Over 120 different space themed assets
Flyable spaceships with various gameplay features like shooting, cargo, color themes
Gameplay elements for items, devices, space structures, destruction and interaction
Spline blueprints that allows to add spaceship flying routes, cords and asteroid ring
Scattering systems that can generate broken space debris, asteroids and containers
Advanced materials with multiple customizable parameters for colors, damage, dirt
AI turrets that can aim on targets and shoot laser and missiles
UI that shows info about ship status, scanned items, crew and cargo
Example level with optimized dynamic lighting and asset placements
Library of high quality tiling textures

Asset version: 4.27, 5.0
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