Medieval Village Modular Buildings Pack v4.2x

Medieval Village Modular Buildings Pack

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Medieval Village Modular Buildings Pack.

Build high quality realistic medieval villages with 47 pre-made buildings with interior, or build your own using 615 modular meshes.

Medieval Village Modular Buildings pack is perfect for your medieval, fantasy project! It’s possible to build fully enterable houses and buildings very fast using over 600 modular meshes. You can create a whole medieval village fast using the 47 pre-made medieval houses with interior already included. It's usable for video games, archViz, cinematic's, VR Projects etc. There are 4 demo levels (3 day and 1 night scenes) and 45 levels with its 1 pre-made building to demonstrate the possibilities.

This pack features a Master Material with more than 13 parameters, which offers you the ability to easily change effects or color corrections on Material Instances to perfectly fit your vision. You can create several variations very fast using the same Texture as well.

Parts from each pack are compatible with each other.

662 AAA quality meshes
615 Modular assets
47 Pre-Made Houses
Landscape material + Auto-material
73 Nature assets (foliage, rocks, debris, etc)
PBR Materials
4 Demo Scene

Texture Sizes:


Asset version: 4.2x
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