Palace Interior Modular Pack v4.2x

Palace Interior Modular Pack

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Palace Interior Modular Pack

This opulent Palace interior has been designed using modal assets which snap together allowing you to create the level of your choosing.

Choose from a wealth of uniquely crafted meshes each with materials and textures applied for optimal performance.

Included in this package is an example level showing you a glimpse of what you can create. Easily snap components together and have a highly polished level complete within a few minutes.

Lighting and post processing effects are also included giving you the game ready art direction you see in the screen shots.

Key features:
Modular components
Blueprints set up - just drag and drop
Lots of props included allowing you to personalize to your own taste
Lighting and post processing included in example map

Asset version: 4.2x
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