Explosion Blueprints v4.26

Explosion Blueprints

Explosion Blueprints – High Fidelity Explosions made with Blueprint controls!– download Unreal Engine asset

These explosions make use of easily placed Blueprints that can be configured to properly scale the explosions. Plus, you are able to turn on/off features such as leaving a decal, camera shake, radially impulse physic actors, and assignable sound cue!

This pack uses HDR based flipbooks for the highest quality effect at 2048x2048 resolution. In addition, you get a whole new library of emitters to use to create new and exciting explosions. Save production time by getting hundreds of hours of simulation and rendering time without the need of learning Houdini!
Technical Details


Blueprinted Explosions
HDR Explosions
Motion Vectors for smoother and slower frame rates
Fully Dynamic Emission and Smoke control
Normal Maps included for lighting
Smoke & Fire can be colored separately
Explosions are Fully Scalable
2048x2048 Resolution, plus 4K included

Asset version: 4.26
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