coin pick up vfx v4.27

coin pick up vfx

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Coin pick up vfx particles using Niagara system.

Many kind of Coin particles is here. All 148 numbers.

Each type of coin has 8 particles. Idle state and Get state.

Types of coin's number are 18.

[ Basic type, BitCoin, Etherieum, Question Mark, Star, Star Rounded, Euro symbol, Pound symbol, Dollar symbol, Greek ancient, Basic Pixel, Pixel Dollar, Pixel Bronze, Pixel silver, Pixel Dollar Symbol, gold nugget fx, Gold Bar fx ]

Total 148 Coin Particles. Each type of coin particle has Idle state [3] , Get state [8].
Coin Human VFX is added. you can check sucking the coins from human shape.
Optimization. you can check shader complexity of particles. in Gallery screen shots.

Asset version: 4.27
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