Luos's Eight elements v4.27

Luos's Eight elements

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Luos's Eight elements.

Combined version of my "Four Elements" and "Four More Elements" packages, with additional improvements and optimizations.
Since this is a merged package you will find eight different elements centered around offensive, defensive, and impact based effects. They will look amazing in your RPG, MOBA, or any other fantasy & adventure game!

All effects come with optimized textures, materials, meshes, three LOD's, Detail modes, Significance levels, and work from ES2 (old Android/Apple) all the way up to current gen PC, including VR.

This merged pack has the additional benefit of having some of its materials and textures merged to reduce the amount of materials, Instances, and Textures a little bit.


32 Emitters. (Offense, Defense, Impact, Ribbon trails, All named properly)
42 Materials, 43 Instances. (Often commented with additional info)
52 Static Meshes. (Between 4 and 2060 polygons)
67 Textures. (Mostly Noise/Sprite/Mask/Flipbooks, 512/512 up to 4096/4096 but can be resized when needed)
11 Great Material Functions. (Exposed, commented, useful)
3 Vector Fields.
Showcase content. (Blueprints, Levels, blob character, wizard hat, and more)

Asset version: 4.27
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